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Jean-Luc Naret - Founder & CEO 

Jean-Luc is a hotelier by profession and a gourmet by passion. 

Life has  given him  the opportunity to create  and open resorts around the world and have been awarded by prestigious magazines in being  part of the top hoteliers around the globe. In his last role, Jean-Luc was the CEO of La Reserve Hotels in Paris, Geneva and Ramatuelle. 

During eight years Jean-Luc was the Managing Director of the Michelin Guide.

From Paris to Tokyo, New York to San Francisco, he traveled  around the globe to unveil the recipients of the coveted, infamous Michelin star distinction. Traveling over 1 million miles throughout all continents, he quickly learned the small differences that add up to make a hotel or restaurant truly excellent.

Jean-Luc is invited to many international events as guest speaker, and his views on this industry are regularly quoted in the press. He is also a columnist and writes for various major publications

In 2019 he created JLN&CO with a clear vision on how to help the hospitality industry of today. 


Our incredible team of Consultants 

With our network around the hospitality world, we have managed to have with us the best consultants that we need in any specific area of the business. From celebrity chefs to unique restaurateurs, from journalists to the best PR agencies, from recruiters to renowked trainers, we have in our portfolio the best of the best of our industry. 

Over the last past years, we have worked with them on a number of projects in our previous jobs and we have created this special relationship which make the perfect team combination. 

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